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Ricochet Area Munitions Response Site/ Military Munitions Response Program

All files are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. Please note many of these files are large and depending on your connection may take some time to download. Large file sizes have been noted where appropriate.

Administrative Record File

March 2010 - Final Remedial Investigation Work Plan (54.7 MB)
Appendix A – Site Maps (54.7 MB)
Appendix B – Accident Prevention Plan/Site Safety and Health Plan (54.2 MB)
Appendix C – PGC Special Use Permit (27.2 MB)
Appendix D – Technical Project Planning Meeting Minutes (33.0 MB)
Appendix E – Uniform Federal Policy-Quality Assurance Project Plan (33.0 MB)
Appendix F – Standard Operating Procedures  (14.2 MB)
Appendix G – Contractor Forms (13.2 MB)
Appendix H – Visual Sampling Plan Design Report (12.4 MB)
Appendix I – Points of Contact (12.3 MB)
Appendix J – Resumes (12.3 MB)
Appendix K – Project Schedule (11.7 MB)
Appendix L – Explosives Site Plan (11.2 MB)
Appendix M – Flow Chart for Inadvertent Discovery of Cultural Remains (8.84 MB)
Appendix N – Fact Sheets for Special Status Plant Species (8.83 MB)

July 2011 – Final Remedial Investigation Report (62.8 MB)
Appendix A – Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Reports (70 KB)
Appendix B – Field Variance Forms (1.4 MB)
Appendix C – Surveyor Data (123 KB)
Appendix D – Photo Log (5.2 MB)
Appendix E-1 – Geophysical Data – Repeatability (6 MB)
Appendix E-2 – Geophysical Data – Instrumentation Verification Strip (1 MB)
Appendix E-3 – Geophysical Data – Digital Geophysical Mapping (DGM) Grids (2.2 MB)
Appendix E-4 – Geophysical Data – Daily Quality Control (4 MB)
Appendix F – Target Database Dig Sheets (327 KB)
Appendix G – Demolition Logs (606 KB)
Appendix H – Munitions Debris Custody (123 KB)
Appendix I – Investigation Reports and Logs (33.6 MB)
Appendix J – Sampling Forms (5.2 MB)
Appendix K – Laboratory Data Deliverables (58 MB)
Appendix L – Munitions Technical Data Sheets (1 MB)
Appendix M – Interviews (38 KB)
Appendix N – Munitions and Explosives of Concern Hazard Assessment (MEC HA) (406 KB)
Appendix O – ProUCL Data Outputs (112 KB)
Appendix P – Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol (MRSPP) (602 KB)

June 21, 2012 Proposed Plan Public Meeting Materials

October 27, 2011 Community Interest Group Materials

June 30, 2011 Community Interest Group Materials

October 6, 2010 Community Interest Group Meeting Materials

June 2, 2010 Community Interest Group Meeting Materials

May 5, 2010 Community Interest Group Meeting Materials

April 8, 2010 Community Interest Group Meeting Materials

Flyer on April 8, 2010 Community Interest Group Meeting
Appendix A – Agenda
Appendix B – Standard Operating Procedures and Meeting Ground Rules
Appendix C – Presentation – Field Work Update
Appendix D – Presentation – Origin of Ricochet Area Munitions Response Site (MRS)
Appendix E – SG211 Artillery Permit, dated July 18, 1997
Appendix F – Pages from C.3 Waiver Letters, dated December 4, 1981
Appendix G – Presentation – Munitions Previously Found in Ricochet Area MRS
Appendix H – Presentation – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Role as Technical Support
Appendix I – Comparison of Technical Review Committee (TRC) and Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Appendix J – Summary of Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Program
US Army RAB and TAPP Guidance – October 2009

Remedial Action Updates

General Information

Remedial Investigation Updates

Public Meetings

Community Interest Group/Public Meeting Materials