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Connellsville Readiness Center 

Connellsville Readiness Center
701 Petersburg Road
Connellsville, PA 15425

The Connellsville Readiness Center (RC) was built in 2005. It is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Connellsville RC is available for rental for official and unofficial uses, subject to availability. Such past rentals include the circus, benefits and fundraisers. 

Drill Hall

The drill hall offers approximately 5,200 square feet of rental space that can easily accommodate a variety of social functions. Capacity ranges from 300 to 400 people. Connellsville RC does provide chairs and tables for events and can accommodate approximately 200 people. The facility also includes:

  • Parking- paved parking for 87 vehicles, including 4 handicapped, are available. 
  • Accessibility- Connellsville has handicapped accessible entrance ramps at the front of the facility.
  • Kitchen- Renters may use the kitchen for cooking. Food service and catering is permitted.
  • Use of sound system that includes microphone, speakers, projector and screen. 
ALOCHOLIC BEVERAGES. The use of beer and alcohol is permitted in connection with such functions as long as such use complies with all applicable state and local laws and regulations.

RESERVING AND SCHEDULING USE OF FACILITY. ALL events must be scheduled in advance. To check on availabilities and/or schedule the Connellsville drill hall contact the Connellsville Readiness Center at 724-628-6329.

Rental Fees and Information

All rentals require signature of a standard rental agreement in advance. The senior onsite military administrative officer or their formally delegated military representative is the point of contact for the scheduling of all official or unofficial armory rentals.

All unofficial events require liability insurance; and, if alcohol is served, liquor liability insurance is also required.

Rental fee to use the facility is $80 per hour or $389 per day. Certain specific organizations are authorized reduced or no-cost rentals (military, veterans, scouting, Red Cross).

Custodial fee for Connellsville is not included in the rental fee. Although general clean up is included in the rental price someone from the facility must be present during all rentals that take place in the Drill Hall. A $60 per hour fee is charged to the renter.

A fee for consumable supplies (paper towels, toilet paper, toilet soap, cleaning materials, etc.) equal to twenty (20) percent of the appropriate rental rate (hourly/daily) will be assessed for all rentals involving the use of the inside areas of the armory. This fee will apply even though the rental fee itself is waived or reduced, and will be applied against the normal rental rates.

The DMVA Office of Facilities and Engineering approves the use of the Readiness Center Drill Hall and processes all rental agreements. Use of this facility for any purpose must be approved in advance by the Office of Facilities and Engineering. For additional information or questions about the Connellsville Drill Hall, please contact the Connellsville Readiness Center at 724-628-6329 or the DMVA Office of Facilities and Engineering at 717-861-8581.