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Advisory Council

Each State Veterans Home is overseen by an Advisory Council consisting of 15 members and The Adjutant General.  Twelve members are appointed by the Governor from a list of nominations submitted to The Adjutant General by the Pennsylvania War Veterans’ Council. Each home’s advisory council advises The Adjutant General as to the management, operation and the adequacy of facilities and services at their respective homes.

Each council is defined by Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Title 51, Military Affairs, section 704. The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall each appoint one member from their respective bodies to serve on each council.  The remaining member on the advisory council shall be selected by the residents of the veterans’ home. Each member of the council appointed by the General Assembly shall serve for the duration of that General Assembly. The 12 members appointed by the Governor shall serve a term of three years.  Each council shall annually elect a president, vice president and secretary. Six members of a council shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the business. Members of each advisory council receive no compensation for their services, but receive reimbursement for their necessary and proper expenses for attendance at meetings.

Each advisory council meets at least quarterly and at other times at the call of the president. Meetings are open to the public; please contact the home directly to verify that the time/date has not changed prior to attending a meeting.

2020 Meeting Schedule