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Family Satisfaction Survey Results

Each year the DMVA veterans homes send a family satisfaction survey to the families of each skilled nursing resident. Two global questions included in the survey ask how the families to rate the overall satisfaction with the facility, and if they would recommend the facility to others. These are the results for the latest surveys: Delaware Valley Veterans' Home; Gino J. Merli Veterans' Center; Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home; Pennsylvania Soldiers' & Sailors' Home; Southeastern Veterans' Center; Southwestern Veterans' Center

Delaware Valley Veterans' Home


Testimonials From the Survey Participants:

"I have been in several nursing homes. This is far superior to any!"

"DVVH offers outstanding personalized care. The staff is excellent, professional and always courteous. Thank you all!"

"My husband gets excellent care in every department. I often comment how clean everything is and pleasant everyone is."

"My uncle has been a resident for eight years. He has thrived under your care."

Gino J. Merli Veterans' Center


Testimonials From the Survey Participants:

"I had my father in another home for 6 months, and since he has been a resident at the Gino Merli Center he is a new man. He is content and with other veterans from World War II. I have had friends who had family members at the Gino Merli Center and recommended it to me. I couldn't have found a better place for my father."

"Wonderful center with great staff. Thank you!!!"

"All the staff at Gino Merli are mine and my father's heroes. They are like family. Always there to help."

"I cannot say enough about the kindness shown to my husband during his stay at Gino Merli Veterans' Center—they have been extremely professional and caring."

Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home


Testimonials From the Survey Participants:

"HVH appears to be a well-managed facilty that is completely focused on quality care and treating residents with dignity and respect. The staff have all been kind, gracious and helpful!!!"

"My sister and I are very pleased with the care our Mom is getting. She is very happy being there, being involved in the activities and going places we couldn't get her to go in years!"

"I very much appreciate the care and atmosphere that is provided my father at the Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home. It is bright, not dim, dark and depressing as some homes. The staff is always very friendly.  I would highly recommend Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home."

"Our family is very pleased with the care our Dad is receiving at HVH. It has been 3 months and my concerns, questions, updates are being answered with only respect and care!!"

Pennsylvania Soldiers' & Sailors' Home


Testimonials From the Survey Participants:

"This place is wonderful!! I have nothing negative to say about it. Was so happy we could finally get him in here."

"This home has provided excellent care for my father, who has dementia. Thank you so much for the professional care."

"The employees at the home have been very easy to work with. We appreciate the way they have treated my husband in the last two years. Thank you so much!"

"My mother could not be in a better place during her twilight years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for her."

Southeastern Veterans' Center


Testimonials From the Survey Participants:

"Our family and mother have found the Southeastern Veteran's Center to be a top-notch facility!!!"

"I highly recommend this facility. The nurses, doctors and aides are very caring with the residents."

"My Dad says he really likes it at the SEVC!!"

"I'm very happy with the care and dignity my Dad receives!"

Southwestern Veterans' Center


Testimonials From the Survey Participants:

"SWVC has been one of the best decisions that both I and my mother has made concerning healthcare."

"Every time we visit the staff is informative and very nice. We always get a call if there is even the smallest concern. What we see makes us feel he is safe."

"Our brother is very well taken care of and we are always treated with kindness."

"Southwestern Veterans' Center has always provided excellent care for my husband. Both the facility and staff are outstanding."