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About Delaware Valley Veterans' Home

About-DVVH.jpgThe Delaware Valley Veterans' Home is architecturally designed to seize full advantage of its peaceful setting. Every room in the facility has at least one wall of glass to fill it with natural light and offer views of meadows and woodland. Hallways have skylights to add to the bright and cheery environment. The public areas are large, bright and welcoming.

The main thoroughfare in the facility is called "Main Street." Here visitors will find a fully-stocked library, including computers for resident use; a canteen where residents and visitors can purchase everything from sodas to ice cream to t-shirts and gifts; and inviting places to sit and walk, complete with park benches, aquariums and aviaries.

The home can serve up to 171 veterans and their eligible spouses. It is designed to meet a variety of levels of care:
  • The 30-bed Secure wing to help protect residents who have a tendancy to wander.
  • There are two 50-bed skilled nursing units for residents who need more help with activities of daily living, including dressing, eating and bathing.
  • The former Personal Care unit is being renovated to provide additional skilled nursing beds.

About-DVVH2.jpgAll rooms are double occupancy. Roommates are chosen based upon ability to motivate one another, encouraging socialization, while discouraging isolation. Rooms are equipped with automatic beds, state-of-the-art mattresses, armoires, locking bedside cabinets, radios and televisions with remote controls. Families are encouraged to provide pictures, bed spreads and knick-knacks to promote a home-like environment for loved ones.

The home strives to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each resident. The units are staffed with registered nurse supervisors, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. Each resident is offered physical, occupational and speech therapies, as needed, to maintain or improve their physical capabilities. The facility employs a full time physician who handles resident’s day-to-day medical needs. More complex situations are referred to outside services.

Religious services are held at the facility at least weekly. Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths are served by priests, pastors and rabbis from the surrounding community. In addition, the home offers counseling services through its Social Services department to help residents and families.

Exciting activity programs are offered to residents seven days a week. Activities include everything from bowling, to bingo, to trips to the local malls and Philadelphia Phillies baseball games. Wonderful family nights are planned monthly, bringing together parents, grandparents and children for an afternoon or evening of fun. Held on a quarterly basis is Family Counsel, where families are invited to attend, meet each other, hear interesting speakers and ask questions of facility management.