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Family Satisfaction Survey Results

The family of each skilled nursing resident throughout the PA DMVA Homes system was recently sent a family satisfaction survey.  Two global questions included in the survey ask how the families to rate the overall satisfaction with the facility.  The second question asks if they would recommend the facility to others.  These results demonstrate a very high level of family satisfaction for the Hollidaysburg Veterans’ Home.

Testimonials From the Survey Participants: 

"HVH appears to be a well-managed facilty that is completely focused on quality care and treating residents with dignity and respect. The staff have all been kind, gracious and helpful!!!"

"My sister and I are very pleased with the care our Mom is getting. She is very happy being there, being involved in the activities and going places we couldn't get her to go in years!"

"I very much appreciate the care and atmosphere that is provided my father at the Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home. It is bright, not dim, dark and depressing as some homes. The staff is always very friendly.  I would highly recommend Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home."

"Our family is very pleased with the care our Dad is receiving at HVH. It has been 3 months and my concerns, questions, updates are being answered with only respect and care!!"