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How to Apply
Member-At-Large Positions

1. First, are you eligible to apply?

To be an appointee requires certain eligibility criteria to be met:

1) Shall be a United States citizen.

2) Shall be a legal resident of this Commonwealth.

3) Shall have performed active military service in the armed forces of the United States, excluding active duty for training) and have been discharged or released from the service under conditions other than dishonorable; or is entitled under Chapter 1223 of Title 10 of the United States Code to retired pay for nonregular service or, but for age, would be entitled under such chapter to retired pay for non-regular service. The armed forces of the United States are defined in 10 U.S. Code § 101(a)(4). Active military service is best defined for the purposes of the Commission in 38 U.S. Code § 101(24) and (21)(A). The term “under conditions other than dishonorable” is best defined in 38 CFR § 3.12(d) supplemented by 20 CFR § 404.1325. Payment of benefits is not a determinant. The provision for retired, nonregular service being entitled to the title “veteran” is specified in Section 305 of U.S. Public Law 114-315.

4) Shall be a member in good and regular standing of a Pennsylvania branch, post, chapter, lodge or club of a recognized national veterans' organization active in this Commonwealth.

2. Second, do you want to apply?

Read the Position Description to gain an understanding of what will be required of you.

These appointments are volunteer positions and no compensation is involved. Authorized travel expenses are reimbursable, however.

3. Now, how do you apply?

If still interested, please follow the instructions on the Position Application (Word doc) using the Position Application Guide (PDF) to further assist and instruct you.

After completing the application, send it and the other required documents as attachments via email to the Adjutant General office email address as instructed in the Application Guide. When we receive your application, you will be sent an acknowledgment after a review for completeness.

Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted. The application process is meant to be done entirely through electronic media. No paperwork is to be mailed unless the Nominations Committee asks for it.

Please note that while a resume is required, it is not a substitute for completing all the information requested on the Application Form. The application with its required accompanying documents -- all submitted as one PDF document with the attachments in the proper order -- must be complete to be considered.  Incomplete submissions will be rejected, although as written in the announcement, if errors are found after submission, a complete resubmission is allowed until the deadline.  Be advised we have no duty to find those errors .

The certification portion of the application must be signed before any candidate can be considered for an appointment. The Application Guide tells you how to do this.

Privacy Disclosure: Personal information is protected by Section 708 of Act 3 of 2008 (Right to Know Law), as amended. The contents of the application form are not public record.

4.  Frequently Asked Questions

Question: From whom do you actually get letters of recommendation?
Answer:  The Application Guide refers to the requirement of securing sponsorship and a letter of recommendation from at least one recognized national veterans' organization active in this Commonwealth "with Pennsylvania branches, posts, lodges or clubs" and what should be in the letter (remember you are also proving that you are proving a "member in good and regular standing" of that organization).  

The guide also refers to this website to determine who those veterans organizations are. Currently the recognized national veterans organizations meeting the requirements specified in statute law regarding service on the commission for members-at-large are found here.

Remember these must be veterans organizations composed primarily of veterans, and not military ones; and that unless specifically listed in 51 PaCS 1702, their department or, in the event of no state level department, the chapters, post, lodge or club, must be registered as a nonprofit business with the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Other letters of recommendation are not required. However, if there are people who would like to express their support for you, you may electronically send their letters of endorsement together with your application. Please send no more than five letters of such nature.

Letters from legislators are not needed as this is not a political appointment. No senate confirmation proceedings occur for State Veterans' Commission proceedings. 

Question: What other documents must accompany the emailed application?
Answer:  As further explained in the Application Guide, the following documents in electronic form (PDF) are required:
1) A scanned photo as an attachment or digital photo.
2) A statement of why you want the position and how you expect to contribute to the workings of the State Veterans' Commission.
3) A resume or curricula vitae.
4) Your last DD Form 214 and 215 (if applicable), NGB Form 22, or equivalent proof of service for the purpose of verifying your veteran status.
5) One or more sponsor statements from a nationally recognized veterans service organization active within the state as discussed above. 

Question:   What will happen next?
Answer:  A Nomination Committee will review the applications against the needs of the State Veterans' Commission and rank order the applicants.

Final candidates may be personally interviewed at the election of the Nomination Committee before it makes its recommendations for appointment to the Adjutant General who then makes a recommendation to the Governor, the appointing authority. The Governor makes the final decision.

Question:  Will I have to disclose my personal finances?
Answer:  The commonwealth does not require disclosure of personal finances for appointment or during service to the State Veterans' Commission.

Question:   Are Code of Conduct Forms required?
Answer:  While all commission members are sworn in, members of the State Veterans' Commission are not required to file the Governor's Code of Conduct form. However, the Governor asks all his appointees to follow and understand the Governor's Code of Conduct maintained on the Office of Public Liaison's website.

Question:   Will I be required to swear an oath?
Answer:  Members of the State Veterans' Commission are required to sign a notarized oath of office by the Constitution.  The Governor's Office will contact you about this. It is kept on file with the Department of State. 

Question:  Do you have any additional questions?
Answer:  If you have additional questions, email and in the body of the email address it to:

State Veterans' Commission
Attention: Member-At-Large Committee