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Become A Volunteer Mentor
The KSCA is seeking trustworthy, caring, and committed adult volunteers to mentor youth ages 16-18.

If you are looking for a way to mentor young men and women, and help guide them to a successful life, then you might want to consider joining our team as a volunteer mentor.

Mentors will play a critical part in the success of the cadets at KSCA. They will serve as key role models, provide additional extracurricular or professional advice to cadets, or support the full-time staff efforts to create an enriching environment. Mentors also play a crucial role in the mentor-to-cadet partnership that begins during the Residency Phase and continues through the 12-month Post-Residency Phase. Mentors will provide continuity, advice and recurring contact with the cadet.

Each mentor will be counted on to meet with a cadet on a routine basis to ensure they are thriving in residency and then successfully achieving their post-residency goals in education, employment or volunteering. Cadets will nominate several potential mentors (Youth Initiated Mentors) to the KSCA staff for consideration. Mentors can also come from a field of volunteers who would like to mentor a cadet and meets the criteria. Once selected, mentors will participate in KSCA staff-led training sessions during the residential phase to ensure they are fully prepared for their critical role.

All mentors will be required to pass state and federal level background checks as a condition of volunteering.  

For more information on how you can make a difference in a young person's life in as little as 4 hours per month, please contact: 

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