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About the KSCA

Apply now to be considered for acceptance to a class.  Classes begin in Mid-January and Mid-July  each year.  If selected, students will attend the 22-week residential phase at Fort Indiantown Gap in Annville, PA. (Lebanon County.) Our admissions team will guide interested teens and their families through the admissions process.

Welcome to the Keystone State ChalleNGe Academy (KSCA), a positive, high energy, learning environment designed to guide at-risk teenagers in furthering their education and setting a path to a brighter future. Cadets will experience a structured and disciplined residential program built upon a military-based training model. 

Our mission is to provide Pennsylvania teens who are struggling in high school a path to achieve the self-discipline, education, and skills necessary to succeed as productive, responsible citizens through an engaging, safe, and structured residential experience at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA.

Our vision is to be a life changing opportunity for every Cadet, supported by a Cadet-focused team. We will provide a fresh opportunity for Pennsylvania high school aged students to find renewed success outside of their current school setting, to improve their academic standing, and to increase their potential for future employment or further education. A professional, mutually supporting team is unified in the collective goal of improving the lives of teens who are seeking direction, purpose and understanding.

The academy is a tuition-free program for Pennsylvania residents. It is geared towards 16-18 years old students who are disengaged in school, behind in credits, or at risk of dropping out. 

The academy is located at the scenic Fort Indiantown Gap in Annville, Pa., where cadets can enjoy learning in a rural setting, but only miles from the capital city of Harrisburg. 

During the 22-week residential phase cadets - Can work towards passing the GED ® or towards earning credits or recovering high school credits through adaptive credit recovery  

Request for information and applying for admission
Please start the application process now to ensure you can meet the requirements for admission.
Eligibility Requirements. Please verify you meet these and contact us with questions.
Application Form. Download and complete this fillable pdf, then submit it to us.

There is no tuition cost to attend. Meals, housing, uniforms, and school supplies are provided at no charge. While it is not unusual for students to take a great interest in pursuing a military career, there is no military obligation requirement after completing the program.   

The KSCA is a joint effort between the PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) and the National Guard Bureau in consultation with the PA Department of Education (PDE). 

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The Eight Core Components
The KSCA’s purpose is to help cadets become well rounded, responsible and productive citizens using the
Eight Core Components curriculum. All cadets must demonstrate mastery of each component to complete the program.  Cadets pursue academic improvement through classroom studies to enhance educational skills while seeking continuous self-improvement. Together with the other equally important core components, cadets will graduate with a solid foundation for continued success. 

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Who We Serve and Why
We exist to serve struggling teens. This service drives our every action.

High school teenagers face tough choices every day that test their resolve and can take them off track. This may lead them to struggle academically or to drop out of high school.   

Completing high school is one of the surest ways to open career options, earn better pay, and ensure greater life stability and self-reliance.    

We are confident that the KSCA can be a life-changing opportunity for teens who are accepted as cadets. We will coach those struggling economically or educationally towards success during this premier voluntary, residential experience.

The KSCA will use a variety of proven programs and examinations to create a plan for each cadet’s academic, emotional, and physical improvement. 

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The "NG" in ChalleNGe Stands for National Guard 
The KSCA is one of 40 Youth ChalleNGe academies and eight job academies across 30 states and territories that are administered by the U.S. Department of Defense and implemented by the National Guard Bureau.  

 Since 1993, National Guard Youth ChalleNGe academies across the nation have 

  • Intervened in and reclaimed the lives of 16 to 18-year-old teenagers  
  • Seen more than 200,000 cadets graduate and earn a high school equivalency diploma, high school diploma, high school credits or college credits  
  • Contributed 12 million hours of service to the community efforts valued at more than $239 million performed by cadets  

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Keystone State Challenge Academy, Bldg 7-6, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003

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