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Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial

At the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA), we know how important it is to honor those who served in both wartime and peacetime. That is what the beautiful Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, adjacent to DMVA headquarters in Lebanon County, has to offer thousands of American heroes who lay there in rest. 

An incredibly appealing feature of this cemetery is the Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial. The Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial is the first in the Commonwealth to honor veterans of all eras from the Revolutionary War forward. 

Proudly maintained by DMVA on a natural hillside terrain with a beautiful view, it is the largest veterans' memorial located in any of the 155 national cemeteries operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

See more photos of the Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial by visiting our Flickr Album.

The Story Behind Its Beautiful Architecture

The memorial design is intended to evoke "the ruins of a war-torn building centered in a land of solemnity." Its architecture is peaceful and harmonious, containing the elements of air, land and water representative of the battlefields where our veterans fought for our freedom. A tomb for all fallen soldiers, known or unknown, is strategically placed, mindful of the sacrifices shared by veterans in the cause of freedom.

The concept of the memorial is to create a place that will recall to the minds of visitors the dedication, sacrifice and sense of purpose that veterans have undertaken in defense of freedom since the founding of this nation. It serves as an active living memorial to the ideals and principles for which veterans have served, done battle and died.

Visitors approach the site through the cemetery by the winding parkway. The materials selected for the building and landscaping are an extension and enhancement of the existing site and countryside. The experience of visiting the memorial extends beyond the limits of the building, so the building and site grow together without boundaries.

Approximately 360' long by 85' wide, the memorial is capable of accommodating both private reflection and public commemorative activities. An outdoor amphitheater contains seating for large groups and is intended as a versatile facility to support major ceremonial programs and patriotic events. It provides a place to honor the dead and thank the living.

Annual Events

Yearly events held at the memorial include:

  • A Memorial Day ceremony the Sunday before Memorial Day at 2 p.m. rain or shine
  • A Veterans Day ceremony the Sunday before Veterans Day at 2 p.m. rain or shine
  • The Annual Candlelight Service the 3rd Saturday of December at 4:30 p.m.

Make a Donation

The DMVA is often asked from members of the public how they can support Pennsylvania's veterans. One of our recommendations is to contribute to the Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial to help with its annual upkeep. Upkeep includes maintaining the landscaping, lighting, and fountains as well as needed maintenance for structural and cosmetic components.

If you would like to make a contribution for the upkeep of the memorial, please visit our online donations webpage to make your contribution or send a check or money order made payable to "Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial Trust Fund" and mail it to:

Office for Veterans Affairs
Bldg. 0-47, Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA  17003-5002

Another way the public can help support the Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial is by purchasing a replica. Each item has been individually approved and numbered for authenticity. The front of the replica features a 3-D rendering of the memorial as a 3/4 view seen from the air. The back side has an inscription quoting the memorial's purpose, as stated in the law that established the memorial, the artist's signature, and a stamped number showing authenticity.

These replicas make fine gifts for that special veteran in your life or serve as a memento of your visit to the memorial. To order a replica, fill out the order form (PDF) and return it with your payment to the address on the form.

One hundred percent of the purchase price goes to the Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial Fund.

You can also contribute to the upkeep of the memorial by purchasing a cruciform. An order form can be found here: Cruciforms Order Form (PDF)

For more information about donating to the memorial, or purchasing a replica or cruciform, call 717-861-8910.

Note: PA Consolidated Statutes authorizes the PA State Veterans' Commission to solicit and raise monies from public and private sources for operation and maintenance of the Pennsylvania Veterans' Memorial and other incidental costs approved by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Contributions or donations to the Memorial Trust Fund qualify as charitable deductions. 

Driving Directions

The cemetery is located 25 miles Northeast of the Harrisburg International Airport. From the airport, travel I-283 N to I-83 N to I-81 N and take exit 85B. Bear right off the exit and the cemetery entrance is ¼ mile on the right.