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​County Directors of Veterans Affairs

Check here to locate your county director of veterans affairs Listing of the County Directors of Veterans Affair​s.​

Every year thousands of United States servicemember transition from a successful military career to a new life in the civilian sector. This transition can be challenging and often stressful, but it does not have to be that way. The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) wants veterans to know that programs and services are available to them, and they are not alone when it comes to accessing those benefits.

The DMVA recommends that upon separation from military service, veterans visit their local county director of veterans affairs, often located at the county courthouse. County directors of veterans affairs are trusted advisors who provide veterans and their dependents direct assistance to identify, determine eligibility and assist in the preparation of applications for county, state and federal veterans benefits and programs.

The county directors of veterans affairs are accredited veterans service officers and never charge veterans for their assistance. It is important veterans know that they should never pay for assistance to apply for the benefits they earned thanks to their service to our nation.

The DMVA also recommends that all veterans re-visit their county director of veterans affairs to check if their current benefits or eligibility status for additional benefits have changed. .

Programs and services veterans can apply for include:

  • Payment of burial allowances
  • Ensuring grave markers and headstones are properly requested and placed
  • The Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption Program
  • Veterans emergency assistance
  • Blind and paralyzed veterans pensions
  • The Education Gratuity Program
  • Service connected disability and non-service connected disability pensions
  • Federal health care benefits
  • Survivor benefits

In addition to connecting with a county director or an accredited service organization, every Pennsylvania veteran should sign up for the DMVA Veterans Registry, an extremely helpful, free tool that electronically delivers timely information about the many state benefits, programs and services available to veterans. Veterans, family members and people who work with veterans can sign up by computer or mobile device at