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​Veterans Employment

Most veterans leave the military and acclimate well back to civilian life, but one area where veterans often struggle is adjusting to a new workplace, or even finding employment. Many times, translating military work experience into civilian terms, licensing requirements and disabilities incurred while in service play a factor in a veteran finding gainful employment. The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) wants veterans to know that getting assistance with training, learning new skills and finding employment is available.

PA VETConnect Helps Connect Veterans to Employment Resources

The DMVA works to identify and serve veterans in need through PA VETConnect, an innovative program that connects veterans to the best possible resources for assistance, anywhere in the commonwealth. The DMVA field staff networks in all 67 Pennsylvania counties and are well-versed in helping veterans find employment programs and services, such as PA Career Link.

Military and Veteran Job Licensure

An initiative that DMVA has strongly supported is Pennsylvania's Act 35 of 2022,  which provides service members, veterans, and their family members with a way to ease the struggle of obtaining a professional license. This law removes barriers to licensing and employment.

Farming Offers Great Employment Opportunities for Veterans

The United States military has a strong similarity to agriculture. Both military members and farmers are committed to serving their communities and our country. The DMVA partners with a number of community initiatives that support veterans in agriculture, such as Homegrown By Heroes.

Employment Opportunities for Veterans in Education

Pennsylvania veterans have a long, proud history of wanting to continue their public service. This often leads veterans to jobs in education. One Pennsylvania program that supports veterans looking for a career as teacher is Troops to Teachers.

Under Pennsylvania's Troops to Teachers program, veterans who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching are provided with counseling services on teacher education requirements and programs, as well as guidance around the teacher certification process and referrals to employment opportunities. In some cases, veterans are eligible for bonuses if they choose to teach in a high-need school

Veteran Entrepreneurs

Looking to start a veteran-owned business? The PA Department of Community & Economic Development's Business One-Stop Shop is excited to support veteran entrepreneurs and veteran-owned businesses. The Business One-Stop Shop's experts provide customized assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small businesses in Pennsylvania. Committed to making it as easy as possible to get fast, efficient assistance, the Business One-Stop Shop unlocks the door to successful business startups, growth, and expansion. Check out their fact sheet for details.