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Veterans Treatment Court Program  

At the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA), we support veterans during good times and bad. We understand that, because of PTSD, TBI, military sexual trauma or for some other bad experience, sometimes veterans go down the wrong path. Regardless, all veterans deserve a second chance to pull their lives together. That is why we are proud to partner with the Administrative Office of Veterans Courts in support of the Veterans Treatment Court Program. 
Veterans Treatment Courts assist veterans charged with crimes who are struggling with addiction, mental illness or co-occurring disorders. Once in this program, veterans agree to regular court appearances, mandatory attendance at treatments sessions and testing for drug and alcohol use. Throughout the court process, veterans receive support from veteran mentors and probation officers to stay on the right track, and from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help treat on-going mental and physical health challenges.  The DMVA, in conjunction with a multitude of community partners, is working to connect adjudicated veterans to the best possible resources available to meet their needs for future success.  
PA VETConnect Helps Connect Veterans to Important Resources 
The DMVA works to identify and serve veterans in need through PA VETConnect, a new and innovative program that connects veterans to the best possible resources for assistance, anywhere in the commonwealth. The DMVA field staff networks in all 67 Pennsylvania counties and are well-versed in the Veterans Treatment Court Program.  
The Veterans’ Trust Fund Supports Veterans Treatment Courts 
To help support the Veterans Treatment Court Program, the DMVA provides grants to various community organizations through the Veterans' Trust Fund (VTF). The VTF provides grants to veteran advocates, such as charitable organizations and county directors of veterans affairs, whose area of emphasis is supporting a Veterans Courts Program. There are currently 25 counties throughout Pennsylvania that have a Veterans Court Program in place. For more information, visit here: Administrative Office of Veterans Courts.