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​Keystone Conference Center


The Keystone Conference Center (KCC) is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. The Conference Center complex consists of the main conference center building (Bldg. 17-104), a 10,000 square foot structure, and the adjacent Sergeants’ Grove Picnic Area. The Keystone Conference Center was dedicated on 14 May 2010. Currently, the KCC is only available for military and state organization functions. It will not be available for any private events or functions, for the forseeable future.

Located on a wooded site on the side of Blue Mountain, above Marquette Lake, the Keystone Conference Center offers the ideal location for a wide variety of official and unofficial functions. The KCC is a multi-purpose facility. It is maintained to fulfill important functions as part of the Commonwealth's continuity of government operations plans in case of circumstances requiring government offices to relocate from Harrisburg. It is ideally situated to fulfill this vital mission in a variety of contingencies.

The KCC also offers top-notch facilities for official meetings, conferences and functions for the Pennsylvania National Guard and other state and federal agencies. The KCC is the perfect site for an off-site meeting or conference of state government agencies with offices in Harrisburg. Fort Indiantown Gap is just 20 miles from Harrisburg, but the location and setting of the Conference Center provides just the right degree of separation from the day-to-day demands of the office while maintaining robust communications capabilities.

Conference Center Facilities (Bldg. 17-104)  The KCC main building offers 10,000 square feet of space that can be configured to accommodate a variety of conferences and meetings.  A floorplan is shown on the reverse.  Facilities include:

  •  Great Hall: This beautiful 3,500 square foot hall features an imposing stone fireplace and is adorned with the unit crests of the Pennsylvania Army and Air Guard.  The Great Hall seating capacity is 180 people.
  • Meeting/Conference Rooms:  The KCC has three conference/meeting rooms, ranging in size from 500 square feet to 200 square feet.  The two larger rooms can be set up with tables or auditorium style.  Capacities range from 12 to 40 persons depending on configuration.
  • Social Area:  The KCC features a social area that will hold about 160 people reception or gathering.  It features a lunch/break area and a counter or bar.
  • Patios: Two patios adjoin the Conference Center main building with picnic table seating.
  • Kitchen:  The KCC contains a full commercial kitchen.
  • Parking: Paved parking for 125 vehicles is available adjacent to the Center.
  • Accessibility: The KCC is accessible for persons with disabilities.

Sergeants' Grove Picnic Area. The adjoining Sergeants' Grove Picnic Area is available for outdoor events. It contains a picnic pavilion that can seat 165 individuals.

Food Service and Catering. All food service at the KCC will be provided by approved caterers. Users are allowed to use caterers of their choice subject to approval.

Alcoholic Beverages. The use of beer and alcohol is permitted in connection with unofficial functions, as long as, such use complies with all applicable state and local laws and regulations. Note that use of beer or alcohol is not permitted during the duty day, without the Garrison Commander's permission for military/state functions only. For more information concerning obtaining the Garrison's Commander's permission to use alcoholic beverages during an official function call 717-861-2572.

Lodging. Lodging is not available at the Keystone Conference Center. Several motels and motor inns are located in close proximity to Fort Indiantown Gap and are convenient for users of the Keystone Conference Center. Authorized military personnel may be eligible for billeting on Fort Indiantown Gap. Contact the Billeting Office at 717-861-2512 or 717-861-2540.

IT and Audiovisual. The Keystone Conference Center will have full network connectivity with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (CWOPA) and military computer networks. Network connections need to be activated on an as-needed basis. The Center has audiovisual capabilities, including sound systems and digital projector systems. Use of the audio/visual equipment for unofficial functions is not permitted.

Reserving and Scheduling Use of the Center. DMVA's Office of Facilities and Engineering schedules use of the Keystone Conference Center and Sergeants' Grove and processes all rental agreements. Use of these facilities for any purpose must be approved in advance by the Office of Facilities and Engineering. All events must be scheduled in advance. Please contact the DMVA Office of Facilities and Engineering at 717-861-8581 or e-mail

Additional Information. For additional information or to reserve the Keystone Conference Center for meetings, functions and events, please contact the DMVA Office of Facilities and Engineering at 717-861-8581 or e-mail

Keystone Conference Center / Sergeants’ Grove Picnic Area
Information Pertaining To Use and Rental

All events must be scheduled in advance through DMVA’s Office of Facilities and Engineering.

For additional information, or to reserve the Keystone Conference Center for meetings, functions and events, contact the DMVA Office of Facilities and Engineering at 717-861-8581, or e-mail All rentals, of KCC and Sergeants' Grove require signature of a standard rental agreement in advance.

KCC is a designated site for use by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offices and agencies in the event(s) of exigent circumstances or emergency. Such official use in response to exigent circumstances takes precedence over any other use of the facilities, hence, the schedule of events is subject to change without notice if required.

All reservations for the KCC where a fee is not charged, require a minimum of 12 persons for the smallest meeting room, and a minimum of 20 persons for all other reservations.

Renter's are required to setup and cleanup within the time rented for the contracted event. However, renter's may rent the facility the day before, and/or the day after their event for event set up and clean up.

Official Activities,  Meetings, Conferences and Events
No fees are charged for official activities, meetings, conferences, events conducted by DMVA, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania state agencies, or the Pennsylvania National Guard. Users must sign a reservation/use form documenting the scheduling of official use and outlining the responsibilities of the user. The official, or unofficial nature, of an event will be decided on a case by case basis. If an event is sponsored at an organizational level, it is considered to be an official function.