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DMVA Hall of Fame

Election to the DMVA's Hall of Fame is DMVA's most auspicious honor that may be conferred upon an individual for monumental achievements contributing to DMVA or the Pennsylvania National Guard. An individual is eligible for election to the Hall if he or she has demonstrated significant or unique contributions to the status, operations, prestige or mission of DMVA or the PNG. A successful nominee will have gone beyond the normal expectations of their position or duties to provide a selfless service to veterans of PA or the members of the PNG. Their accomplishments shall have required significant efforts on the part of the nominee reaching back over several years and have a significant impact in their field.

​Year Inducted ​Biography (PDF)
​The Honorable Stephen E. Barrar
​Maj. Gen. (Ret) Robert P. French
​CSM Christopher S. Kepner
​CW5 (Ret) John K. Schreier
John A. Brenner
​CSM (Ret) Nicholas "Chip" Gilliland
Maj. Gen. Walter F. Pudlowski Jr.
Helen Sajer
Brig. Gen. (Ret) Jerry G. Beck Jr. ​2017
Chief Warrent Officer 5 (Ret) Richard A. Schaeffer Jr.​ ​2017 ​Biography
​Hon. Jessica L. Garfola Wright ​2016 Biography
​Maj. Gen. Edward C. Shannon ​2016 Biography​
H​on. Lisa Baker​ 2014​ Biography​
J​ustice​ Seamus McCaffrey ​2014 Biography​
​Maj. Gen. Daniel B. Strickler ​2013 Biography​
M​​​aj. Gen. John F. Hartranft​ ​2013 ​Biography
Lt. Gen. David E. Grange Jr.​ ​2013 Biography
M​arsha Four​ ​2013 B​iography​
M​aj. Octavius V. Catto​ ​2013 ​Biography
Hon. Edward Martin​ ​2011 B​iography​
Dr. Rory Cooper​ 2​010​ Biography
​Maj. Gen. Gerald T. Sajer​ ​2010 Biography
​Hon. Thomas T. Holden ​2009 Biography​
Brig. Gen. (PA) Dennis T. Guise​ ​2009 Biography
Brig. Gen. (PA) ​Cecil B. Hengeveld 2008​ Biography​
Maj. Gen. Robert E. Harris​ ​2008 Biography​
Hon. John P. Murtha​ 2​008​ Biography​
​LTC (PA) James J. Brennan 2008​ Biography​
M​​aj. Gen. William B. Lynch​ 2008​ Biography​
​Hon. Thomas M. Tigue​ 2​007​ Bbiography​
​Brig. Gen. Richard B. Posey​ ​2007 Biography​
​Hon. Donald C. White ​2007 Biography​
​Maj. Gen. Richard M. Scott​ 2006​ Biography​
​Virginia Lee James ​2006 Biography​
​Sgt. Maj. Herman W. Clemens​ ​2006 B​iography​
​Dominic D. DiFrancesco ​2001 Biography​
​Brig. Gen. John L. Patten ​2000 Biography​
Hon.​ Richard A. Tilghman ​2000 Biography​
​Brig. Gen. John ​E. McAllister ​1999 Biography​
​Maj. Gen. James W.  Mac Vey ​1999 Biography​
Brig. Gen. Edward W. Rosenbaum​ ​1999 Biography
​Paul F. Hastings​ ​1998 Biography​
​Maj. Gen. Frank H. Smoker, Jr.​ ​1998 Biography​
​Stanley W. Reinard, Jr.​ ​1998 Biography
Maj. Gen. Nicholas P. Kafkalas​ ​1998​ Biography
​Gary E. Crowell​ ​1998 Biography
​Hon. ​Robert D. Robbins ​1998 ​Biography