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​Blind Veterans Pension

The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) recognizes that many servicemembers pay a huge physical loss in their service to our nation. In some cases, that loss is their eyesight. That is why we are honored to administer the Blind Veterans Pension. This program provides eligible veterans with a monthly pension of $150.

Eligible veterans must

  • Be a resident of Pennsylvania upon entering the military
  • Have received Honorable or Under Honorable Conditions discharge
  • Suffered a service-connected injury or incurred a disease that resulted in loss of vision:
  • Have visual acuity with correcting lens is 3/60 or 10/200 or equivalent, or less normal vision in the better eye OR includes circumstances where the widest diameter of the visual field of the better eye has contracted to an angular distance of not greater than 20º.

Veterans interested in applying for this pension should contact their County Director of  Veterans Affairs in the county you reside. It is important to have the proper documentation to help make the application process go quickly and smoothly.

Documents you should have

  • A copy of last military service DD214
  • Proof of Pennsylvania residency upon entering the military
  • A United States Department of Veterans Affairs decision letter


If you have any questions about this pension program, contact the DMVA at: (Please do not send completed applications or personally identifiable information over e-mail).