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Veterans Temporary Assistance 

The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) recognizes that sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause financial burden on veterans and their families. To help veterans falling on challenging times, the DMVA administers the Veterans Temporary Assistance (VTA) Program. The VTA provides temporary financial assistance of up to $1,600 in a 12-month period to veterans and their beneficiaries who reside in Pennsylvania for the necessities of life (food, shelter, fuel and clothing). 

To be eligible for a VTA grant, veterans must have:

    • Served in the Armed Forces of the United States, who: 
    • Been discharged under honorable conditions after a period of active duty, other than active duty for training, as evidenced by a DD Form 214 or other official documentation, or 
    • Died in service or was killed in action, or 
    • Suffered a service-connected disability as certified by the United States Veterans’ Administration. 

To qualify for the VTA, a veteran must endure financial circumstances temporarily resulting in insufficient funds to pay for shelter and necessities of living for the veteran and family, when:

    • A veteran is temporarily unable to provide the necessities of living and has a direct and immediate need for assistance.  The assistance must be essential and not for the relief of an inconvenience, or the purchase of goods or services other than necessities of living, and, 
    • Unforeseen circumstances are caused by temporary loss of income, assets or support due to sickness, disability, unemployment, natural or manmade disaster or other cause beyond the control of, and not because of misconduct by the applicant or, 
    • Caused by a temporary increase in costs or expenses beyond the control of, and not because of misconduct by the applicant resulting in insufficient funds to pay for necessities of living. 
    • They are eligible veterans or unmarried surviving spouses of deceased eligible veterans. 
    • they are bona fide residents of Pennsylvania who permanently reside in this Commonwealth and who maintain a legal residence in no other state for any purpose. 
    • They are not receiving sufficient monetary assistance from any state or federal agency based on the need for temporary assistance described in the application.
    • They demonstrate a clear and present direct and immediate need for temporary assistance in order to provide themselves and their families with shelter and the necessities of living. 

Applicants may be receiving food stamps and still qualify for temporary assistance under these guidelines. Additionally, applicants must show that other funds or resources are not available to address the need for temporary assistance. 

The following are mandatory documents needed to apply for a VTA grant: 

    • Veteran’s DD Form 214 or Report of Separation from active military service 
    • A copy of the applicant’s marriage license and veteran’s death certificate for widows and widowers 
    • A copy of a birth certificate of the veteran’s dependent children and if applicable, a copy of court orders indicating payment of child support 
    • Proof of Pennsylvania residency 
    • Proof of loss of employment, if applicable, including the applicant’s termination notice from employment and last pay slip 
    • Proof of all other benefits such as unemployment compensation, education benefits, disability compensation/pension, social security, other pensions, union benefits, workman’s compensation or insurance benefits 
    • Proof of lack of other income, including employment pay and allowances, annual or sick leave, income from rental property, savings, financial assistance provided by family and friends, interest and dividends 
    • Proof of expenses (i.e., shelter, clothing, health care, child support, essential furnishings, utilities, transportation, communication, food, laundry and personal care) 
    • Receipts indicating current mortgage, rent and all utility payments claimed 

Veterans interested in applying for a VTA grant should contact their County Director of Veterans Affairs in the county you reside. 

For more information about the VTA Program, contact the DMVA at: (Please do not send completed applications or personally identifiable information over e-mail).