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Armory Sales

In accordance with Section 1507 of the Military and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S. Section 1507), the State Armory Board (SAB), a departmental administrative board within the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA), has determined that the properties listed below are no longer suitable for military services.

Much-needed newer facilities that meet the modern needs and current missions of our soldiers have been constructed and brought into service over the past decade. The relocation and consolidation of these PA National Guard units into the new facilities has led to multiple state-owned older armory buildings across the state becoming vacant. In order to save taxpayers the expense of maintaining these vacant facilities, the DMVA, in coordination with the Department of General Services (DGS) and under approval of the PA General Assembly and the Governor's Office have undertaken the task of placing these properties on the open market to be sold to the general public.

Many of these former PA National Guard facilities were once the "heart" of their communities and often served many roles in local public and cultural functions. They were built from 1904 to 1938. They are considered to be of historical significance and were placed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Due to their historical and cultural significance, various government agencies have agreed that the properties should initially be marketed under and subject to an historic preservation covenant. The covenant legally requires the purchaser to maintain the historical character of the exterior facade of the structure for 25 years. In return for accepting the historic preservation covenant, the Commonwealth will agree to a 20% reduction in fair market value. The purchaser may also enjoy tax benefits for accepting the covenant. If no acceptable offers are obtained with the historic preservation covenant, the property will then be re-marketed for full fair market value.

The following is a brief description as to the overall disposal process:
  • Public meeting in local area (In coordination with City/Borough/Township).
  • Obtain Legislative approval to sell properties.
  • "For Sale" sign placed outside of Armory by DGS
  • Advertisement in local newspaper of general circulation by DGS.
  • Bidding with historic covenant process opened; bids accepted by DGS for an advertised period of time.
  • Bids reviewed by DGS; if acceptable bid received with preservation covenant the process continues, if not, property is re-bid without any historic preservation restrictions.
  • Acceptable bidder awarded right to purchase.
  • Settlement scheduled and property transferred to purchaser.
Historic Preservation Information