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​Become a Resident

If you served our country, love to show your patriotism and need long-term care, then one of Pennsylvania's six Veterans Homes is the ideal place for you and/or your spouse to call home. Our favorite "colors" are Red, White and Blue, and we believe that every veteran who lives here is a celebrated American hero.

That is because Pennsylvania's Veterans Homes, operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, exists to care for, honor and respect residents for serving our country and protecting our freedom. 


Acceptance to a Pennsylvania Veterans Home is open only to residents of the Commonwealth or veterans who entered service while a PA resident.

General Information

The application must be completed and submitted in its entirety.  Copies of the below documents should be attached to the application below.

  • Marriage documents (Required for a Spouse of a Veteran)
  • Medical insurance documents
  • A copy of the order declaring Power of Attorney or the legal guardian documentation
  • Service-Connected Disability Letter from the Federal Veterans Administration, if applicable.

Medical Information

Medical information must be completed, signed and dated by a physician.

Military Services Record

You will be asked for the military discharge/separation document(s) (example: DD214) If you cannot locate your military discharge/separation document, contact your County Director of Veterans Affairs or the National Personnel Record's Center in St. Louis, Missouri at 1-866-272-6272 Option 1 or Archives.

Financial Information

Financial information will be required after the application is submitted. You may opt to complete the required form(s) at this link:  "Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Revenue Admission Checklist and attach to the application below.

The application can be printed and mailed to the admissions department or completed online and emailing the completed forms as described below.

Apply On-Line or By Mail

Mail-In Application

You can print application and send to the address on the first page.

On-line Application

You can complete the fillable application online. After completing the application, save the completed form and attach and email to:

Remember to request your medical provider to complete the required medical forms (MA-51 and Activities of Daily Living Assessment Sheet (ADL)).

If you experience any issues or have questions, please submit an email to:

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