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Gino J. Merli Veterans' Center 
Hall of Fame

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​Under Title 51 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes and amended by H.B. 30 in 1999, each of the State’s six Veterans Homes is to establish and dedicate a Hall of Fame to recognize and honor the military achievements of outstanding veterans who have completed honorable, active duty military service and who reside or have resided in the geographic region served by the veterans’ home.

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Anee Kish
Francis P. DiRienzo
Robert J Coyne 
Abe L. Plotkin
Albert S. Kristoff 
David W. Wenzel
George Legezdh
Martin R. Damiano
Peter P. Calabro
Russell R. Canevari
Thomas J. Munley
William J. Smith
Almon J. Long
Joseph Oravec
Neno Sartini
Robert F. Tuffy
​Robert L. Alper
​Thomas J. Mattie
​Andrew C. Major
​Eugene J. Slabinski
​M. John Cleary
​William Smith
​Joseph J. Severini
​Joseph W. Sincavage
​Gerard Gurnari
​Carl Weinschenk, Jr.
​Gerlad Pace
​John Richards Jr.
​Almo J. Sebastianelli
​Arlington J. Phillips
​C. Keith Martin
​Chester Zackowski
​David Pavey
​Edward J. Kochanski
​Eugene (Ike) T. Refice
​Francis D. Tyson
​Francis F. Ross
​Gerald P. Heller
​Horatio W. Hass
​James W. MacVay
​Jesse D. Brinser
​John M. Emil Sr.
​Michael Krajcirik
​Ronald W. Faust
​Samuel Greenberg
​Thomas J. Dougherty
​William J. Zwick
​Eugene Beaumont
​Orren Bennett
​Francis Bishop 
​Patrick DeLacey 
​Theodore Kramer
​Nathaniel McKown
​Sylvester Rhodes
​Stephen Rought
​James Rutter
​Edward Murphy
​Gino J Merli
​Joseph Sarnowski
Day Turner ​